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Aegean Sails has been selected for the 2009 Best of Fairfield Award in the Travel Agencies category by the US Commerce Association.

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REGINA - 56m Schooner
available for charter

Number of Cabins: 6
3 Master, 2 Double &
1 Twin Cabin
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BLUE EYES - 34m Gulet
available for charter

red sea 01

Number of Cabins: 5
1 Master, 2 Double &
2 Twin Cabins
Base: Marmaris/Turkey
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The Greek Islands. Turkey. Croatia.

It’s time for a gulet yachting holiday. We specialize in Aegean sailing vacations. in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Adriatic waters. We feature corporate sailing holidays, crewed gulet charters and the finest of gulet cruises in the Mediterranean and Adriatic waters.

Whatever your destination, we offer exciting, crew-supported, motor-sailing charters in the historic waters of the Mediterranean. We explore incredibly picturesque coastlines, grand historic sites, and witness first-hand some of the world's most natural beauty.

Some of our favorite gulet sailing adventures include:

  • Luxury gulet cruises in Turkey’s Aegean Sea
  • Spectacular yacht and luxury gulet charters sailing the islands of Greece
  • Luxury gulet vacations along Croatia’s inspiring coastline
  • Tailor made yachting holidays throughout the Mediterranean
  • Crewed gulet charters in the waters of the Aegean and Adriatic Seas

Whether a family holiday, a reunion of friends or family, or corporate retreat, make Aegean Sails your home base for sailing gulets and that perfect sailing getaway. Looking for crewed yacht charters? Our personalized attention to detail -- from initial discussions through the completion of your trip -- is dedicated to ensuring your enjoyment of a five-star vacation on the seas.

Email or phone us now. Let us get you started on your Aegean Sails holiday today.


  Greek Island Cruise  

Sailing Greece

  • Discover the hidden islands of Greece
  • Visit the remarkable ancient world of the seas
  • Enjoy samplings of savory Greek food
  • Experience the lure and simple elegance of the Greek taverna
  • Take advantage of Three R’s: Rest, Reading and Relaxation

Sailing Turkey

  • Sail where trade flourished: The fabled Blue Cruise of Turkey
  • Explore Biblical Turkey: Ephesus and Cappadocia
  • Savor the finest of true Mediterranean cuisine
  • Enjoy the scenic coastlines and quiet, secluded coves
  • Check out our favorite cruise itineraries
  • Ultimate yachting luxury: the unique Turkish gulet

  The Culture, History & Beauty of Turkey  
  Croatian Ports  

Sailing Croatia

  • Cruise the romantic Croatian Coast
  • Relive history and this nation’s rich culture
  • From Dubrovnik to Split – a voyage diary
  • The Dalmatian Coast – an indulgent itinerary
  • The 1000 islands of Southern and Central Dalmatia