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Adventure. Sailing. Travel. Luxurious gulets. Mediterranean and Aegean Sea waters. The Adriatic Sea. New destinations. Swimming. Holidays. Exploring. Gourmet food. Water sports. Night life. Relaxation. Family. Friends. This is what Aegean Sails is all about.

Aegean Sails began, appropriately enough, on a gulet nearly 10 years ago.
Trisha Johnson had already traveled much of the world. She had lived in Europe and Asia as well as the United States, and had been in the travel business for a number of years.

In 2000, at the behest of good friends, she and her family traveled to Turkey for a week’s holiday along the Turquoise Coast. It was her first trip in the Aegean waters, and her first voyage aboard a luxury gulet. Her Captain was Yilmaz Sahin, now one of her key business partners in the venture known as Aegean Sails.

Since launching Aegean Sails, Trisha has traveled much of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea area seeking the “best of the best” in terms of exciting adventure travel locations, fine ports, outstanding crews, and of course fine, luxury gulets – motor sailing yachts of the finest standard.

Welcome to Aegean Sails. We offer seven-, ten- and fourteen-day gulet adventure charters along the magnificent Turkish Coast, among the Greek Dodecanese Islands, and along Croatia’s magical coast with its hundreds of islands.

Our luxurious sailing yachts can accommodate groups large and small. From as few as four to as many as 24 passengers. Our voyages are perfect for adventure-filled holidays, but are widely used for family reunions, anniversaries, affinity groups and business incentive rewards programs.

Whatever your needs, we promise excellent accommodations, an experienced and “fun” crew, fine food, and the sailing adventure of a lifetime. We hope to welcome you aboard one of our gulets very soon.

Trisha Johnson

Trisha was born and raised in New Zealand. Soon after her formal education she traveled to Canada and the United States. There she met her husband David, who is from the Isle of Man. Later they moved to Tokyo, Japan where they were married and lived for five years!

Trisha and David eventually settled in the US, where they have raised their family. Meanwhile, Trisha had become an active participant in the travel industry, which provided opportunities for adventures throughout the world.

Ms. Johnson built a successful career in travel developing strong marketing skills. Coupled with her first-hand knowledge of worldwide travel, and her entrepreneurial spirit, she eventually found a comfortable business niche called Aegean Sails.

She and her husband live in Connecticut (USA). Their two adult children live in Oregon and New York.

Capt. Yilmaz Sahin

Captain Yilmaz Sahin is Operations Manager for Aegean Sails. He has sailed Turkey’s Blue Voyage coastline for over 29 years. He is vastly familiar with the geography of the area, and has an intimate knowledge of his country and its rich traditions. He speaks excellent English and loves to chat with his English speaking guests.

Captain Yilmaz was born in a small fishing village along Turkey’s southwest coast, not far from Bodrum, one of Aegean Sails’ key ports of call. Growing up, he became familiar with the various fishing and trade vessels plying the waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

When he was old enough, Captain Yilmaz took up his father’s trade as a fisherman. He did this for 17 years. Over time, he became a licensed Captain, and soon began working charter boats on a full time basis.

Captain Yilmaz has been a certified charter boat Captain for over 15 years now, and has been associated with Piccolo for the past five years. Captain Yilmaz lives in Milas, with his wife, Aynur, and their two sons.