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Trisha Johnson, owner of Aegean Sails, LLC, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about our itineraries, motor sailing in and around Turkey, the Greek Islands and Croatia, visas, weather, and other odds and ends.

As of April 2014, visitors from some countries to Turkey will be required to enter with an electronic visa, which replaces the purchase of a sticker visa and payment previously purchased upon arrival in Turkey. Full details are available on created by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.

For best currency exchanges rates, in Turkey we recommend obtaining a reasonable amount of Turkish Lira upon your arrival at Ataturk International Airport. It’s important to note that US Dollars, Euros and Turkish Lira are accepted most everywhere throughout the country, but it’s always best to have some Turkish Liras on hand for those times when you need them.

Both Greece and Croatia are on the Euro. Although dollars are accepted in most places, you will want to have Euros on hand at all times. We recommend you convert your dollars to Euros at major airports or the major banks. 
For up-to-date currency exchange rates, go to:

You’ll find ATMs in all major cities, at the large hotels, and at key airports throughout Europe.

Turkey and Greece are seven hours ahead of New York City, and two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (UK).  Croatia is six hours ahead of New York City.

Public phones are operated by Turk TelecomThey operate on either credit cards or on phone cards (telefon, karti, telekart) that you can buy from a post office, street kiosk and places advertising Telekart Satilir (Telekarts for Sale). Look for public phones near post offices, hotels, train and bus stations and shopping areas.

More information:

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Cell phones are ubiquitous throughout Europe, including Turkey, Greece and Croatia. Europe has excellent phone coverage.  Check with your phone provider for information on how to use your cell phone internationally.

Some major airport terminals throughout Europe can provide you with a cell phone rental while you travel. You can pick one up on your arrival and return it prior to returning to the USA.

Use soft luggage for easy storage on board. Pack lightly. Everything is very casual both on board the boat and in any locations you’ll be visiting. This goes for restaurants and hotels. So bring less than you think you might need. Again, the operative word is “casual”. 


It is always advisable to obtain traveler’s insurance when you book your trip. Check also your personal health insurance to determine coverage for overseas medical emergencies.

Most of Europe operates on 220 volts. Hair dryers are in all cabins. For any other needs, adapters are available on board for your use.

All our gulet cruises enjoy sailing in a typical Mediterranean climate. Spring and autumn temperatures are mild. The area experiences hot, dry summers. July and August temperatures can often be in the mid-30s Celsius. This makes for perfect sailing and water sport activities. The best swimming is from late May through October. The Croatian season is a little shorter than Turkey and Greece.

For weather reports, check:

Gratuities for the crew are not included in the price of your cruise. The suggested guideline is 10 percent of the boat charter, but this is completely at your discretion. Gratuities can be given direct to the Captain to be shared equally among the crew, or may be given individually to each crew member.


In Turkey: The basic cost of your trip includes the yacht, the service of your experienced Captain and crew, fuel for up to four hours cruising per day, harbor dues and taxes in Turkish waters.

In Greece: The basic cost of your trip includes the yacht, the service of your experienced Captain and crew, fuel for up to four hours cruising per day.
Harbor dues, passenger formalities and agency fees are NOT included
in the basic charter cost. .

In Croatia: The basic cost of your trip includes the yacht, the service of your experienced Captain and crew, fuel for up to four hours cruising per day.
Mooring fees and port taxes are NOT included.

Air Transportation:: The main expense will be your air transportation to Turkey, Greece or Croatia.

For Turkey or Turkey/Greece cruises, you should plan to arrange transportation to our home ports of Bodrum, Gocek or Marmaris.  There are a number of Greek Islands near the Turkish coast. These are wonderful places to visit, and can be added destinations on a week long or extended itinerary. Please note there are extra charges for Greek port and harbor fees.

Meals, soft drinks and bottled water are offered on a full or half-board basis. All-inclusive charter rates to include meals, water and soft drinks are available upon request.

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Turkish Airlines ( has both international and domestic flight connections within the country, Delta Airlines also serves Istanbul from the US; you can contact them at .

For Greece, you should arrange transportation to the islands of either Rhodes or Kos, depending on the cruise itinerary.  Delta has flights from the US to Athens.

Meals, soft drinks and bottled water are offered on a full or half-board basis.  All inclusive charter rates to include meals, water and soft drinks are available upon request.

For Croatia, you will need to arrange transportation to the ports of Trogir, Sibenik or Dubrovnik.

Half and/or Full Board:

A half board program is extra and obligatory, This includes breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee and water.  Although most groups enjoy dinners ashore, a board program including all dinners is also available.
A wide variety of liquid refreshments – both soft drinks and alcohol beverages – are available on board.  A price list is posted on board.

Port Transportation
We can arrange transfers from the airports to your gulet in Turkey, Greece and Croatia. You can also choose to rent a car, hire a taxi or take a private driver service on your own. Either way, these charges are not included in the tariff for the boat charter. Likewise, expenses for any hotel accommodations you choose to make prior to your arrival or following the trip are not included in the charter fee. 

Optional Services
Once on board, optional services can be arranged to cover rental of scuba gear and/or fees for special dive trips, bicycles or motorbikes, water-ski boats, hired guides to specific archaeological sites and/or off-route tours to destinations such as Ephesus, Cappadocia and Istanbul.

We have a well-stocked bar, but you can purchase additional wines or beers if you wish. (This is not available in Croatia).  Any meals taken ashore are at your expense.


The dress code is “casual” at all times. During daytime plan on swim or sun wear. But bring a long sleeve cotton shirt and light cotton sweater for cooler evenings. Ashore, shorts or slacks and a shirt or blouse are appropriate for walking the villages.

On board, we pack our shoes and go barefoot to protect the teak decks. But bring good walking shoes for exploring the villages and the coastal hills. Above all, don’t overpack. You can always buy that extra pair of socks in one of the village stores.

Bring sunglasses, sun hat, swimming attire and sunscreen location. But please, please, please, no sun oils.

Above all, bring your personal medications. And, just in case, bring a list of your prescription medicines and eyeglass prescriptions in the event one or the other is misplaced or lost.  

First and foremost, for up-to-date information on Turkey, Greece and Croatia, use the Internet and Google away. If you want something to carry around with you, some excellent guidebooks include Eyewitness Travel Guides, the Blue Guide series, and the Fodor series.

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An excellent Turkey reference is Ancient Turkey: A Traveler’s Guide to History, written by Seton Lloyd. Though largely Muslim, Turkey is a secular state. It has applied for membership in the European Union.

If you have particular interests in areas such as archaeology, history, the world’s religions, bird-watching or shipwrecks, we recommend checking out your local library, finding the nearest Barnes and Noble, and of course surf away on the Internet.

More information regarding Turkey:

More information regarding Greece and the Greek Islands:

More information regarding Croatia

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