Captains Log

 Turkey   -     October 30, 2009
Posted By: Trisha Johnson
- A trip of a lifetime

The “preparation”, the emails, phone conversations, etc, forecast a wonderful experience aboard PICCOLO, but it hardly prepared us for what was “a trip of a lifetime”....  Boarding in Rhodes was comfortable, and welcoming.  Capt YILMAZ was/is an experience we’ll not soon forget.  He is a sailor, and his knowledge of his profession and his vessel were encyclopedic… We had the sense there wasn’t a piece of gear, from the rigging to the engine room, that he didn’t know intimately; the same could be said of his relationship with his crew.  Quiet and superb chef Bekir was just as expert in his galley as on the anchor detail.  The boys were apparently enthusiastic and learning… the Captain is responsible for both those qualities.

Our itinerary was enhanced by Capt YILMAZ’s wisdom and advice.  We saw what we wanted to see, we climbed to acropolis’s, explored streets, archeology, villages (and restaurants), swimming coves, and relaxed.  PICCOLO was a perfect way to get from place to place… comfortable, spacious, and welcoming when we returned from whatever adventure ashore.  We were sorry it was over, but again grateful to the Captain in easing our way into rental cars or taxis in Marmaris on the day of “debarking”.

John T. Andrews 

This group of 12 chartered PICCOLO for a two week cruise/adventure visiting several of the Greek Islands, plus the Turkish coast. Embarking in Rhodes, Greece, their itinerary included Symi, Nisyros, Kos, Kalymnos and Patmos.  They entered Turkey at Bodrum, and enjoyed some of the beautiful coastline of Turkey, disembarking at Marmaris

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