Pricing Packages

Gulets vary in size and price. All come with exceptional features, and each provides great comfort and fun for holiday charter. Our luxury yachts range in size from 18 to 47 meters (59 to 155 feet) in length, and can accommodate up to 24 people. Please note: All charters are quoted on a per-day basis.

Gulets 35-meters and larger are normally chartered at all-inclusive rates. These rates include all meals, local wines and beer, and airport transfers.

  • The ultimate in luxury motor sailing are the 40 - 47 meter gulets.
    These magnificent yachts are outfitted with five or six deluxe cabins, and feature every comfort and convenience. They charter for:
    6,000 – 13,000 Euros per day (approx. $9,000 - $19,500).
    This is an all-inclusive rate.

  • Top-of-the-line, 35 - 40 meter gulets, with five or six double cabins, charter
    for:4,500 – 8,500 Euros per day (approx. US$3,000 - US$12,500 per day.
    These gulets are usually offered on as all-inclusive.

Smaller gulets normally charter at non-inclusive rates. However, if interested, please
ask us about our setting up an all-inclusive rate package for any of our smaller gulets.

  • The spacious group of 30 - 35 meter gulets, with four – six cabins,
    charter for: 2,000 – 5,500 Euros per day (approx. US$3,500 – US$8,500).

  • An excellent group of 25 - 30 meter gulets, usually with six - eight double cabins, run from:900 – 3500 Euros per day (approx. US$1,350 - US$5,000 per day).

  • Our smaller 18 - 21 meter boats are available for as low as:
    600 – 2,500 Euros per day (approx US$900 - US$3,750 per day).


  • Experienced crew, fuel (for up to 4 hours cruising per day), cooking gas,
    all harbor taxes and dues in Turkish waters – all included in price quoted.
  • In Turkey an 18% VAT may apply.
  • Full board and all local drinks, except for the most expensive yachts, is not
    included in the charter rate.
  • Airport transfers usually not included. These can be arranged.
  • Fuel for onboard water sports equipment is extra.
  • Private marinas in any of our locations are extra.
  • Greek ports, formalities and agency fees are extra
  • For Croatian charters, all drink is purchased at the onboard bar.
  • For Croatia – some port charges may apply.
  • Crew gratuity – normally 10% of the charter cost of the yacht.
  • Boarding time is usually 16:00 on arrival day. Disembarkation on the final day is normally 10:00.



We have many Gulets available for charter. All of these handmade wooden yachts are wonderful for Mediterranean motor-sailing holidays. Each gulet possesses a unique character of its own. We have posted dozens of photos on our website reflecting the wide variety of gulets available. We encourage you to view these photos and get a feel for those features you most prefer. We are very familiar with all these boats, and can help steer you to specific gulets that might best fit your needs, your itinerary and your budget.

Aegean Sails is always available to discuss prices and schedules with you, help outline cruise destinations, and assist in selecting the gulet most suitable to fit your comfort and price requirements.